Winter Skin Care Tips


Four Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter is just a few months away. While we all love to dress up and look at our best, winter is not a season for fun. Low levels of humidity and cold weather result in dry air that deals moisture away from your skin making it dry and dull. If you do not take care of your skin during winters, drying skin can trigger bleeding and cracking and harsh winters can only worsen problems. And indoor heat further takes away moisture from your skin just like harsh cleansers, hot showers, and baths.

Moisturization does help, however, there is much more that you have to do to counteract these effects and keep your skin looking smooth, glowing and youthful. To minimize chapping, itching and redness this winter season, try to include these tips in your routine.

Protect your skin

Start wearing scarves and gloves to protect your skin from snow, rain and cold winds. Make sure you do not apply sunscreen. Winter sun can damage your skin thus apply a safe and good SPF sunscreen lotion before stepping out of the home.

Use lukewarm water

Who does not love hot baths and showers during winters? We all! However, whenever it is possible, especially for washing face and hands, in particular, use lukewarm water to avoid stripping of natural oils and moisture from your skin.

Choose moisturizer wisely

The market is flooded with a variety of moisturizers and each claim to be the best for your skin. Well, that is not true. Many moisturizers have petroleum-based ingredients that can only dry your skin in the winters. Choose the one with a smart formula – with the right blend of nourishing natural ingredients. Buy an oil-based instead of a water-based solution because it would help your skin retain moisture in the winter.

Moisturize right after bathing or washing hands or face

Not only your skin requires moisture, however, the moisture it every time after you wash hands. Applying moisturizer to damp skin helps in sealing the dampness into the skin. You can keep a moisturizer bottle near the shower stall and use it right after you wash.

Pampering your skin in winter can make you look attractive and glowing. If you have some other interesting skincare tips for winter then do let us know.