Three ways to jazz-up your home this New Year


Three ways to jazz-up your home this New Year

With your just a few days away, you might be wondering how to deck-up your home in a unique and attractive way. Whether or not you plan to have party at home, it is fun to have some unique other at home around this time. Listed below are some interesting ideas to give your home a festive look.

Light up balcony

You can now give your balcony a complete makeover by lighting it. Use floor lamps, paper lamps and serial lights. You can dedicate a corner of your balcony for seating and place flower pots in one side of it.  Make sure that you do place a small table for keeping drinks and eats.

It’s time to jazz up your dinner table

It is a very common scenario in most households that most of the tableware and dinnerware keep laying in cupboard for a long time. If this is also the case with you then is the right time to take out those dinner sets and tableware. Deck-up your dining table with kitschy table cloth and arrange dinnerware in a neat way. You can also place some artsy stuff and wine bottles to make it appealing and attractive. 

Give your living room a makeover

If you plan to throw party at home then start by clearing the clutter in your living room.  Make furniture to other room and make proper arrangement for proper floor seating. Spread a carpet and place some cushions in one side to give it a cozy look. Do not forget to have a music system and speaker so that you can dance and have some fun. Buy some confetti in different colored balloons and hang them in different corners of the room. You can make use of your some old wine bottles by stuffing some serial lights in it.