Three tips to get rid of dark circles


Three tips to get rid of dark circles

Face is mirror to your overall personality and style. The presence of dark circles below the eyes can make your look tired and gloomy. There are several factors which contribute to the appearance of dark circles which can turn your otherwise smart personality into tired one. None of us, irrespective of being a man or woman, want to get rid of dark circles. Reading further you will learn about different ways in which you can get rid of the problem of dark circles. 

Sound sleep is a must

It is, in fact, the best way to get rid of dark circles. It is important to have a sound and proper sleep. In the present times of packed work schedule, sleep deprivation is a common problem. Lack of sleep causes dark circles.

Tea bags

Not many people know but tea bags can help in getting rid of dark circles. Place one cold tea bag on each eye and leave it for a while. Doing this on a regular basis would help you bid goodbye to dark circles.

Pineapple juice

Fruits in your kitchen can do wonders to your skin. Prepare a mixture of turmeric powder and pineapple juice and apply it under your eyes. You will get instant results making you appear less tired.