Three food combinations you should avoid

Both ignorance and little knowledge can be harmful. Sometimes wen end-up pairing foods in such a way that even the healthiest ones can cause more damage than good. There are some foods items which we need to avoid in combination. Here, we bring to you a list of common food combinations that might be harmful for your body.

Cold drink with chess food

Is not it sounding mouthwatering to have pizza with cold drink? However, it is not healthy an option at all. Those who love to dig into cheesy food should avoid them having along with cold drink. Carbonated drinks comprise of high amount of fructose which is not only difficult to absorb but also causes abdominal discomfort. In addition, it also causes obesity because of high sugar content. On a similar note, choose contain high amount of fat which increases obesity. 

Fruits after a meal

The best way to consume fruits is at least an hour before your mean because they work like an appetizer. If you consume fruits right after the mean then all the nutrients are not absorbed properly. Make sure that there is a minimum gap of thirty minutes between a fruit snack and a meal. According to healthcare experts, a person should consume one seasonal fruit every day for better health and fitness.

Banana and milk

Although it is counted among one of the heaviest of the combinations for the stomach, it can be prove otherwise too. If you have an extremely good digestive system, then only have milk and bananas. Bananas turn sour in the stomach curdling the milk causing heaviness. Some people find it difficult to digest milk due to lack of digestive enzymes triggering abdominal problems. So, try to curtail this combination form your diet.

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