Four Beauty Tips for Christmas

Four Beauty Tips for Christmas

Whether you are heading for a glitzy Christmas party or driving home to see family over the most awaited time of the year Christmas, you want to look your best. Here we bring to you Beauty tips so that you can look gorgeous this year.

Party Make-Up

If you want to look attractive and beautiful this Christmas, make sure your party make-up is right. Start with applying eye shadow followed by foundation and other make-up you want to wear. This makes sure that any loose eye shadow will not fall in the places you do not want it.

Glittery Lips

Glittery lips enhance your looks. Slathering sparkly goodness on your pout would, for sure, bring you some cheer this year. To get the best look, line your lips with a light-colored lip pencil and put the foundation to the corners of your mouth. You can now apply a creamy lipstick using a lip brush before using a flat brush for adding glitter. Finish using a gloss. You can add more glam to your lips by using clear lip gloss. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that kissing, drinking, and eating might be off-limits, thus consider your priorities before donning glitter lips.

Combat Alcohol

With party season just around the corner, it is apparent for you to enjoy sipping a tasty mojito, however, your skin does not. Remember alcohol dehydrates your body leaving your skin dull, grey and dry. To ensure your skin keeps glowing despite the flow of alcohol over the festive season, applying moisturizer will not be enough. It’s time you should invest in cleansing milk containing hyaluronic acid.  Also, you can apply a brightening face mask. It is always good to buy face masks that contain alpha-hydroxy acids because it helps destroy dead skin cells, moisturize and firm up skin.

Have great moments!


This last tip is the key to enjoy Christmas to the fullest. Enjoy yourself! No matter what you are up to this Christmas, make sure you spend quality time with the people you love and like and some time with people who make you feel good about yourself. Having a great time is, perhaps, the best beauty treatment because it lets you feel good. When you have a great time, it shows on your face.


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