Five tips to keep body odour at bay



Body odor can make things worrying for many people. It can be embarrassing a situation when it comes to attending a gathering or being part of any social event. No doubt that it is one of the worst issues that one has to live and deal with a no matter what the gender is. Listed below are seven things that you can do to prevent body odor. 

Don’t spritz on sweat
Try to avoid colognes when you are sweaty.  It is important for you to know that cologne camouflages sweat, and subsequently, body odor for a relatively much shorter span. However, as soon as the effect wears off, you are suffocating and stinking a that too at once. 

Deodorant vs. antiperspirant

A deodorant comprise of antiseptic action against the bacteria in body, thus neutralizes the sweat whereas an antiperspirant covers the smell of sweat by clogging and blocking sweating glands. It is always suggested to choose a water-based deodorant.

Shave off your body hair

If you have excess body hair then also your sweat glands are overdrive and so is your body odor.

Make sure you take baths regularly

Taking bath regular is to your body what a vaccination is to disease. When you take shower regularly, it reduces the amount of bacteria in the body which is considered as one of the main causes for the odor. Ideally, one should take shower two times a day. 

Switch to natural fabric like cotton

The tighter clothes you wear, chances are that you will perspire more and thus sink more. Let your body breathe. It is suggested that you should avoid excessive layering. Wearing extra clothes add to the sweat, consequently to the odor. Stick to fabric like cotton.