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Four things that only people in a long distance relationship would understand

While some believe that long distance relationships are hard to maintain, others believe that they are simply amazing. In fact, some also think that why would one want to be in a long distance relationship? However, you cannot judge such relationships unless you are actually involved in it. Only those who are in it can understand the troubles and joys associated with it.

All that you discuss is future!

Well, most of the times you end up discussing the future of your long distance relationship.  Whether you are committing any kind of mistakes or thing will work out are a few things that your discussions often revolves around. No doubt that that doubt about the prospects of your future annoys you, it helps in building strong relationship.

Wish to talk dirty?

While you do not get to enjoy the real action, you emerge as pro at dirty talking or sexting. In other words, when it comes to sexting, you are just a go-to-person for friends. Be it through phone sex, Skype chat or text, whether you admit it or not, you have done it all.

When it comes to planning, you are a pro!

Planning no more gives you jitter. Courtesy  planning for all the meetings, trips or even coming online- all these elements have together turned you into a great organizer and you very well know how to set priorities in life. As a matter of fact, in case either of you are settled abroad then no one has better idea about times zones then you. 

Your friends often forget that you are in a relationship

This might have happened with you your friends questioned your single hood. They forget that you are not single and even try to hook you up with some other guy or girl.

There is very possibility that at the time of reading this post, you might think that someone is boasting your very own qualities. If you think so then, probably, you are the coolest boyfriend. Saying that does not mean you are an ideal guy. However, you are the coolest boyfriend. This means that despite your flaws and weakness, you work to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner. Read on to find out about qualities of a coolest boyfriend.

You love her despite her flaws

You appreciate her mistakes and flaws and simply love and admire her for that. Given that you understand that no one is perfect, instead of asking or expecting her to change, you like her the way she is. You love her for her uniqueness and sometimes you join in her mistakes.

You are her support system in every possible sense

Whether she hit the rock bottom or achiever her biggest success, you should be always there for her. There is no need to spend money on pompoms and special uniforms for lifting her spirits and making her feel good. All you need to do is just understand her situation and empathies with her. 

You do not fight to win

Now this is very important. Even she has any issues or problems, you make sure to listen to it and sort it out rather than digging past issues and fighting and arguing over them. There are times when you fight for silly things but make sure that your relationship does not become toxic because of it. And, the best thing is that when you cuddle her after fight.

Like your skin, your lips require special care and attention during chilly winters. Winters can be harsh for your otherwise smooth lips. If you want to get rid of chapped lips then apply coconut oil, glycerin and petroleum jelly, says experts. Here are a few tips for lips care during winters.

  • Apply petroleum jelly in abundance for keeping your lips pink and soft.
  • Glycerin, which is usually found in homes, make for a great home remedy for excessive dry patches which surface on your skin and area surrounding the lips and eyes.
  • Make sure you do not forget to apply coconut oil on a regular basis during winters so that they neither flake nor dry. In addition, you can also apply this oil on navel for nourishing the lips from within.
  • Just like your skin, your lips need hydration as well. Thus, make sure that you do not cut down the intake of water, vegetables and fruits simply because you do not feel thirsty during winters.
  • When leaving home, protect your lips with a good quality SPF, in a way you do for your lips. This can prevent dryness which occurs because of sun rays in this season.
  • Those who have dry lips, avoid application of matte lipsticks. Switch to sheer or creamy textures. Apply shea butter even during the day because it comprises of SPF properties and supplies instant nourishment to your lips.
  • Prepare scrub using sugar and honey to get rid of dryness. This mixture gently removes dryness whereas honey keeps it soft and nourished.
  • Vitamin-E based lip balms too make for a great source of anti-oxidants and they help in maintaining texture of lips.

Modern day men are as conscious about their looks and appearance just like their counterpart. Not only are they choosy about clothes but also hair style. Listed below are a few hair tips for men.

Not letting your hair dry completely before making use of any kind of hair product

It is common to use product for stylizing hair. However, make sure that you dry hair before application of any hair product. This will make it easier for you to style your hair.

Not rinsing hair properly

It is important to know that leftover shampoo could cause more damage than not shampooing completely. It will attract lots of dirt making your hair greasier.

Washing not enough or too often

The frequency at which you should wash your hair depends on the type of your hair, number of products you are using, hair quality and how much you perspire regularly.

Selecting a wrong hair style

There are several factors which determine your hairstyle. Some of these factors include overall style, hair type, personality, shape of face and lifestyle.

Scratching scalp while taking shower

It is often that scratching cause scalp irritation and hair follicles to fall and weaken. While massaging hair scalp gently at the time of shampooing facilitates proper circulation of blood.

Growing hair to cover bald patch

Loss of hair is an inevitable part of aging process. Remember that a receding hairline by growing hair at the front makes bald patches all the more visible.

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Four must have bridal accessories

With your wedding day drawing closer, there are so many things that strike your mind. You want to be perfect on this special day of your life. Starting from your lehanga to your make-up, everything needs to be just perfect. Jewelry and hair accessories have an extremely important role to play in your overall look. Listed below are some accessories that make a must for you.


Usually, worn for nikaahs, however, with changing times, even other brides are also getting spellbound about it. It is one of the most sought-after hair accessories which dangle right and left side of your forehead making the bride look extremely beautiful. You can either wear it alone or pair it with maang tikka.


If you have a broad forehead then it is just meant for you. It gives an illusion to small forehead. Given that they have an extension, these are considered more extensive in comparison to maang tikkas. Also, they cover your hair as well. There are plenty of options to choose from. While the ones with a single chain lend a regal look, ones with multiple chains on both sides give an elaborate look.

Floral accessories

It works really great for mehandi functions and other such ceremonies. You can make use of flowers to adorn and accessories your hair buns or make maang tikkas out of different flowers. Not only do they bring a refreshing and new look to conventional one, they lend a feeling of splendid. 

Maang Tikka

When it comes to bridal look, it is simply incomplete without maang tikkas. These just look ravishing when placed on your forehead. You can go low on other accessories while wearing maang tikkas because it is an ultimate show stopper.

Six must have gym bag essentials

Are you a fitness freak? Do you love hitting gym on a regular basis? However, you just carry along gym clothes and nothing else? If yes then odds are that you would end looking not as great as you might feel after a workout session. Here, we have compiled for you a list of 6 gym bag essentials that you must carry along without fail.

Gym Towels

You will surely need two towels for gym. Wondering why? One towel for wiping the equipment before and after you make use of it, and a separate towel for you to wipe after taking shower. Drying off or wiping with a towel after it has been used by other gym goers is unhygienic and unsanitary.

Additional shaving kit

This is a must have for those who hit the office directly from gym. You can get off the treadmill, hit the showers and become preventable before leaving for the office.  

Nutrition Bars

For the days that you have been juggling between office, gym and home or vice-versa or that you are famished after workout, carrying nutrition bars in your gym bag would help you re-fuel. In addition, it will also keep sugar cravings at a bay. 

Pain relieving spray or cream

Such sprays and creams are enriched with menthol which help in relieving tension relax joint pain and muscles. Use it prior workout for enhancing program or speedy recovery in case of any pain or discomfort.


This is one of the most obvious gym essentials that men should carry along. However, there are some men who do not even pay attention to it. You must always take shower after hitting the gym. However, if you are not able to do so because of some pressing emergency, deodorant would always come handy. Otherwise also, you should use deodorant before leaving the gym.