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The idea of flying with a toddler or baby can give anyone jitters, especially if you are flying by plane. One dilemma that haunts most new parents is how to handle a screaming baby on the airplane. If you are planning your next trip then the following tips might help you make it easy.

Book a direct flight 

Being a parent of a toddler, it is important to keep the number of connecting flights to a limited. Landing puts pressure on the ears of the little one, triggering the pain that makes toddlers cry and scream on planes. Less time spent in transit means fewer possibilities for mid-flight chaos. 

Even if you have to book a connecting flight, make sure you have extra time on the ground between flights. Do you want to run through the airport with a baby, a car seat, a diaper bag, and other travel accessories? Use this extra time to change a diaper, indulge in some non-flight food and let your toddler run to burn off energy.

Make use of pre-boarding time

You might think skipping the pre-board would let you spend as little time as possible on the plane with your little one. However, getting situated on board a plane takes more time with a toddler. Flying with a toddler is stressful enough without having other passengers behind you sighing while the struggle to buckle in your little naughty baby.

Check baby gear

Most airlines allow caregivers and parents to gate check bulky baby gear like car seats and strollers. All you have to do is ask for gate check tags from the attendant at the gate of the airline you are flying from. Attach one tag to each gear and deposit it at the bottom of the jetway. Fold strollers before boarding the flight. Ask about the airline about their gate-check policy before boarding the flight.

Make sure you carry double the baby necessities

Traveling with a baby is no less than a challenge. Make sure you have twice as much baby food, diapers, snacks, formula and bottles on the plane. If your flight is canceled or delayed, you would thank reading this. The last thing you want to face is having a thirsty, hungry and dirty-diapered baby when circling above a storm, bedding down in a hotel room or stuck on the tarmac.

So, follow these tips and gear up for a hassle-free and convenient flight with your little darling. 

For most of us, thirties are the years when we start knuckling down and work out exactly where we are heading in life – both family and career wise. And, while we are brainstorming on that, it is quite possible to let health slip down the entire agenda. According to experts, women should be as mindful about their health in thirties as they will be in their fifties and sixties.

It is not that we have to bring some drastic changes in our life. Even taking small steps can make a world of difference to our health. Similar to being in twenties, we should be wary of how much alcohol we drink and avoid smoking. However, we should be aware of potential health issues too.

So what are the female health issues that can affect us in thirties, and what can we do to best reduce our likelihoods of being impacted by them?

Cervical Cancer

Every year in the United Kingdom, nearly 3,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer. Not many of us know that it is the most common cancer in women aged 35 and under. It is because of this reason that women under the age of 25 and 49, women are asked to undergo a smear test every three years – and it is very important to go. Early detection and diagnose can influence the outcome.

According to studies conducted, one in 25 women have a smear test that results abnormal. While saying this does not mean they have cancer, investigating can reduce the risk and detect harmful viruses such as HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) that can cause cervical cancer at later stage.


I know how difficult can be the life, especially when it comes to making choices between personal and professional life. Stress often takes toll on us. Financial responsibility and pressure at work are a few elements that make life difficult. After all, there is so much going on in life that stress finds its way in our life.

It is important for us to know and understand how stress can trouble our body and mind. When we are stressed out, our body release hormones, including cortisol, that can take our body in the fifth gear. However, we are not designed to be in the fast lane throughout the day. Managing it properly is extremely crucial. If this is not managed and dealt correctly, stress can trigger problems related to the immune system that can further increase the risk of infection. There is more to it. Stress is also counted as one of the main cause of problems with digestive system and cardiovascular disease later in life.

Breast Cancer

Well, it is not only the cervical cancer that poses risk for women in their thirties.  You should regularly check your breasts and surrounding area for the presence of lump. It is important to know and understand what your own breast tissue feels like. Being aware about breast is a must to spot the early signs of breast cancer. Follow healthy diet and lifestyle. Add fruits and vegetables rich with nutrients.


While some injuries are accidental, there are others that occur because of age. When women are in their thirties, they have high possibility of developing musculature problems in comparison to women in their twenties. Our muscles wear with passing time and with age, our joints degenerate as well. in other words, we are at a great risk of spraining an ankle or twisting a knee.

We do not remain as flexible as we were and thus short, high intensity exercises during this time can fuel hip, back and knee problems.  Also, it puts stress on joints that can prompt problems in the decades to come. We can counter this. We just have to start a sustainable fitness regime that works for your lifestyle.

Modern day women have taken the world by surprise by contributing in every sphere. Health, however, is one area we should really pay attention to. We can achieve goals in life only if we remain healthy and fit. Reducing the health risks in thirties is very much possible. All you need to do is follow these top tips.

Don’t delay

It goes without saying that women should always go for screening test. Never miss a screening test. Also, be vigilant between tests too. If there is any irregular bleeding then consult the doctor. Develop habit of checking breasts everyday while taking shower and be breast aware.

Warm up before exercise

We all know that warming up and down before and after exercise, otherwise the only lasting affects you will have muscle problems and painful joints. Also, there are several other problems that can pave way in your otherwise healthy life.

Adhere to exercise regime.  This would help offset the peril of osteoporosis and other health problems and help your body hold onto muscle mass. There is more to it. It also helps in maintaining the woman’s natural range of movement thus helping to keep flexibility.

Take stock

It is understandable that packed schedule of everyday life leave most of us with no time. It is good to try and avoid stress by simply taking the stock of life especially when things start becoming overwhelming. Make sure you introduce regular exercise to your regime so that you can get some time to de-stress. Exercising releases endorphins that makes us feel relaxed and better.

Women contribute in all spheres. We are making a difference across the industry. Well, saying that does not mean we are not able to fulfill responsibilities towards our family and society. We are capable to give our best in all aspects of life – be it personal or professional. Staying healthy and fit should be the priority to achieve goals in life.

Three food combinations you should avoid

Both ignorance and little knowledge can be harmful. Sometimes wen end-up pairing foods in such a way that even the healthiest ones can cause more damage than good. There are some foods items which we need to avoid in combination. Here, we bring to you a list of common food combinations that might be harmful for your body.

Cold drink with chess food

Is not it sounding mouthwatering to have pizza with cold drink? However, it is not healthy an option at all. Those who love to dig into cheesy food should avoid them having along with cold drink. Carbonated drinks comprise of high amount of fructose which is not only difficult to absorb but also causes abdominal discomfort. In addition, it also causes obesity because of high sugar content. On a similar note, choose contain high amount of fat which increases obesity. 

Fruits after a meal

The best way to consume fruits is at least an hour before your mean because they work like an appetizer. If you consume fruits right after the mean then all the nutrients are not absorbed properly. Make sure that there is a minimum gap of thirty minutes between a fruit snack and a meal. According to healthcare experts, a person should consume one seasonal fruit every day for better health and fitness.

Banana and milk

Although it is counted among one of the heaviest of the combinations for the stomach, it can be prove otherwise too. If you have an extremely good digestive system, then only have milk and bananas. Bananas turn sour in the stomach curdling the milk causing heaviness. Some people find it difficult to digest milk due to lack of digestive enzymes triggering abdominal problems. So, try to curtail this combination form your diet.

When it comes to fitness  it is 30 percent work out and 70 percent how you eat. Most people go hard in gym and exercising however fails miserably in the kitchen. This is not their fault. It happens because of the myths that often do the rounds in the gym.  And, desi trainers and gym instructors further fuel these myths. Listed below are a few such myths that you should pay attention to.

Supplements help reduce fat deposits and gain muscles

Really!!! Understand it for once and all  only if your diet, recovery and training are on the right track that supplements would help you, and that too a bit. Make sure that supplements do not form more than ten percent of your diet.  If there are several supplements in your diet then re-work diet regime.  Invest in good nutrition and training to gain lasting results.

Say no to carbs after 8pm

There are several dumb trainers who add fuel to this myth. However this myth is propagated by either men who think that treadmill running will help them achieve abs or men who do not lift. The do countless crunches and run endlessly, go home only to starve themselves. However, the truth is that if you are working out regularly then meeting energy requirements is extremely important. Remember that carbohydrates are the ultimate source of calorie intake.

Intake of proteins increase the peril of osteoporosis

It is a myth that intake of protein leaches calcium and raises blood acidity causing osteoporosis.  Even though it is true that high intake of protein increases excretion of calcium in the short-term however this particular effect does not persist in the long run. The fact is that high intake of protein is related to reduces chances of fractures and osteoporosis in old age.

Four things that only people in a long distance relationship would understand

While some believe that long distance relationships are hard to maintain, others believe that they are simply amazing. In fact, some also think that why would one want to be in a long distance relationship? However, you cannot judge such relationships unless you are actually involved in it. Only those who are in it can understand the troubles and joys associated with it.

All that you discuss is future!

Well, most of the times you end up discussing the future of your long distance relationship.  Whether you are committing any kind of mistakes or thing will work out are a few things that your discussions often revolves around. No doubt that that doubt about the prospects of your future annoys you, it helps in building strong relationship.

Wish to talk dirty?

While you do not get to enjoy the real action, you emerge as pro at dirty talking or sexting. In other words, when it comes to sexting, you are just a go-to-person for friends. Be it through phone sex, Skype chat or text, whether you admit it or not, you have done it all.

When it comes to planning, you are a pro!

Planning no more gives you jitter. Courtesy  planning for all the meetings, trips or even coming online- all these elements have together turned you into a great organizer and you very well know how to set priorities in life. As a matter of fact, in case either of you are settled abroad then no one has better idea about times zones then you. 

Your friends often forget that you are in a relationship

This might have happened with you your friends questioned your single hood. They forget that you are not single and even try to hook you up with some other guy or girl.

A female breast is made up of glands and fatty tissues which help in the production of milk. These glands and tissues are covered with skin which is flexible because of the presence of protein known as elastin. However, when the elasticity of the breast skin is pressurized under the skin, the breasts start to sag. 


Smoking is injurious to overall health and breasts are no exception. Smoking destroys the presence of elastin protein. Thus your skin starts to lose elasticity making them sag. Whether it is one cogitate or ten cigarettes a day, smoking ages and weakness skin by decreasing the supply of blood to the skin surface. 

Sudden weight loss and gain

Nothing can be more damaging to your skin then weight fluctuation. Sudden weight gain and loss can lead to sagging of skin. Weight fluctuations can lead to unnecessary stretching of breasts. It is important to maintain healthy weight and diet to avoid unnecessary stretching. Remember that weight loss should be gradual. If you shed off excess weight in short span than it can cause drooping of breasts. Thus, work out a nutritionally balanced diet plan so that your breasts can remain in shape. In addition, make sure that you wear well-fitted wear at the time of workout.

Lack of Vitamin B and C

Your breast tissues are similar to your skin. It requires Vitamin B and C for building supportive elastic tissues. And these elastin tissues aid in the maintenance of the shape and size of breasts. Thus, if you are missing the fresh orange juice in your diet then got for it now.

There is very possibility that at the time of reading this post, you might think that someone is boasting your very own qualities. If you think so then, probably, you are the coolest boyfriend. Saying that does not mean you are an ideal guy. However, you are the coolest boyfriend. This means that despite your flaws and weakness, you work to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner. Read on to find out about qualities of a coolest boyfriend.

You love her despite her flaws

You appreciate her mistakes and flaws and simply love and admire her for that. Given that you understand that no one is perfect, instead of asking or expecting her to change, you like her the way she is. You love her for her uniqueness and sometimes you join in her mistakes.

You are her support system in every possible sense

Whether she hit the rock bottom or achiever her biggest success, you should be always there for her. There is no need to spend money on pompoms and special uniforms for lifting her spirits and making her feel good. All you need to do is just understand her situation and empathies with her. 

You do not fight to win

Now this is very important. Even she has any issues or problems, you make sure to listen to it and sort it out rather than digging past issues and fighting and arguing over them. There are times when you fight for silly things but make sure that your relationship does not become toxic because of it. And, the best thing is that when you cuddle her after fight.

It might be surprising for you to know that nutrition has a direct impact on sperm potency of a man. As a matter of fact, it has been found that oysters and raspberries can be a great source of improving fertility in men owing to the kind of nutrients they contain. Presence of Magnesium and Vitamin C helps in boosting testosterone levels. Sadly, these fruits are often beyond the buying power of Indians. Listed below are a few fruits that would give your fertility the much required push. 


It is a great source of fatty acids, and this will make your sperm mobile, fit and fertile within no time. Sardines and salmon are two fishes to get started. These slimy creatures boost the presence of 6 oils and Omega-3 along with other fatty acids. These elements are extremely important for the health of sperm. These are also known as stimulant for the penis helping in better erection and longer sex sessions. 

Fresh fruits

Easily available, fresh and healthy are a must have in your diet if you and your partner are trying to conceive a child. The presence of antioxidants in fruits help in protecting sperm from cellular damage and keep them strong as well as speedy. Vitamin C is extremely essential for your diet because it is critical for sperms viability and mobility. Grapefruits, oranges and tomatoes are rich in Vitamin C. 

Pumpkin Seeds

These seeds are a great source of zinc which increases sperm count and testosterone. Further, pumpkin seeds are also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which improve sexual function and blood flow to different sex organs. You can also include almonds or flaxseeds.

Like your skin, your lips require special care and attention during chilly winters. Winters can be harsh for your otherwise smooth lips. If you want to get rid of chapped lips then apply coconut oil, glycerin and petroleum jelly, says experts. Here are a few tips for lips care during winters.

  • Apply petroleum jelly in abundance for keeping your lips pink and soft.
  • Glycerin, which is usually found in homes, make for a great home remedy for excessive dry patches which surface on your skin and area surrounding the lips and eyes.
  • Make sure you do not forget to apply coconut oil on a regular basis during winters so that they neither flake nor dry. In addition, you can also apply this oil on navel for nourishing the lips from within.
  • Just like your skin, your lips need hydration as well. Thus, make sure that you do not cut down the intake of water, vegetables and fruits simply because you do not feel thirsty during winters.
  • When leaving home, protect your lips with a good quality SPF, in a way you do for your lips. This can prevent dryness which occurs because of sun rays in this season.
  • Those who have dry lips, avoid application of matte lipsticks. Switch to sheer or creamy textures. Apply shea butter even during the day because it comprises of SPF properties and supplies instant nourishment to your lips.
  • Prepare scrub using sugar and honey to get rid of dryness. This mixture gently removes dryness whereas honey keeps it soft and nourished.
  • Vitamin-E based lip balms too make for a great source of anti-oxidants and they help in maintaining texture of lips.